Flat Panel Installation

In this golden age of television, sports channels, and film, finishing your custom home theater setup is essential to quality of life. Yet the days of plug and play televisions have gone by the wayside, and modern systems can be far more complicated. Even programming universal remotes can be challenging. On top of that, many home and business owners don’t feel comfortable mounting flat screen TVs to the wall by themselves. That’s why many choose to hire flat panel installation professionals.

Whether you need to complete a home theater or business audio-video setup, our flat panel installation services can assist you. Flat screen TVs are the centerpiece of the modern entertainment and A/V system, and without mounting these devices on the wall, you aren’t using them to their fullest potential. Rather than risk damaging your equipment, your wall, and yourself, contact our A/V technicians for professional installation.

Professional Flat Screen TV Installation in Redding, CA and Beyond

B&T Satellite is an authorized DISH Satellite provider based in Redding, CA, but we also help business and homeowners throughout Shasta County and Northern California with high-speed Internet, custom home theater design, and more audio/video services. Our expert technicians can also help you safely mount a flat-screen TV to the wall of your choice, whether that wall is in a crowded conference room or cozy living room.

The benefits of professional flat panel installation include:

  • Modern flat panel TVs are visually striking, crisp, and have a higher resolution than ever before. These devices were designed to be wall mounted.
  • Television channels are rich with a variety of entertainment options.
  • DVR allows you to never miss a program or game.
  • Installing your own entertainment system can take hours and might result in damage to your home or TV. Hiring professionals to do your flat panel installation is worthwhile, because you get to avoid many hours of frustration.
  • You can have your TV set up in any location of your home, giving you total control over your entertainment environment.
    B&T Satellite, Homer Theater Installation
    B&T Satellite, Homer Theater Installation

    Why Choose B&T Satellite?

    As a premier provider of premium entertainment solutions, we strive for excellence in each and every one of our flat panel installations. We want you to be completely satisfied with your entertainment set up. We, too, are purveyors of quality television. We know how important even the smallest details can be for someone setting up a room as an entertainment station. So, our home theater installers take great care in communicating with you the entire time to make sure you have the perfect place to watch the TV shows and games you love.

    If you need flat screen TV installation services, or if you are looking for TV service in your home, don’t call the 800 number. Instead, call our team at 530-241-3474 for the best entertainment solution you’ve ever experienced.

    Contact Doug today to ask about your home theater installation options.

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