Installing your DISH package

Our team of professionals will be available to help you during the installation process. No fiddling around with complicated user manuals – we’ll make it simple for you,

Confirming our services

When you’ve selected the DISH package you would like, check your inbox for an e-mail verification. Check over it to make sure that the service selected is correct and that your personal information is accurate.

Prepare for our arrival

A day before your appointment, one of our installers will reach out to you with an ETA for the installation. We also strive to provide a smooth and prompt installation.

Installation day

You only need to make sure of two things – that the technician can easily access your television and that someone over 18 is home. As they install your package, the technician will walk you through the process and answer any questions.

 Not a B&T Satellite customer? That’s okay. Our professionals can still help you with your television packages and answer any questions that come up. Let us handle the annoying technical details – that’s what we’re here for!

  • TV Set up – Be sure that your TV is secured to the wall or securely attached to the proper television mounts
  • Surround Sound – Our professionals can optimize your sound equipment while they’re there, giving you the best possible audio experience at home.
  • Networking – Our certified technicians will ensure that your system is properly integrated with the other devices in your home.
  • Accessories – DISH is generally superior to cable, but in the event that something goes wrong with your DISH setup, we have all of the cables and mounts for cable TV – just in case you need them.