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B&T Satellite provides installation and support for DISH in Redding, CA and surrounding areas


B&T Satellite provides installation and support for Direct TV in Redding, CA and surrounding areas

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Receive a free Echo dot when you switch to DISH

Control your TV hands free with Amazon Alexa!

Offer code – FreeEchoDot

Change the Way You Watch TV

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Get one Free from B & T Satellite in Redding!



B&T Satellite provides installation and support for DISH in Redding, CA and surrounding areas

Not sure which service provider is right for you? Call Doug and the team and let them help you decide what will be the best fit. Don’t forget to ask them about all of your options!

Dish provides the best TV entertainment experience for your dollar

Find all of the shows, channels, and movies that you love for the best price. The DISH hopper 3 will revolutionize the way you watch TV.

Some of our great features include

-Premium content FREE for 3 months (Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and more)

-Upgrade to the Hopper 3 Smart DVR for just ten dollars a month!

-Get a standard DISH package for only 49.99 per month for the first two years.

-Free installation by dedicated professionals – we provide all the equipment you need.

-Sports packages with NFL Redzone start at 59.99 per month.

Finally, DISH offers the MOST college Football. If you’re a sports fanatic the choice is clear – switch to Dish with B&T Satellite.

call at 530-241-3474 for deals on Dish packages!

Explore our DISH TV Packages

DISH provides the greatest entertainment value for your money. Here are some of our most popular packages available:



Price guaranteed for two years.

190 popular channels



Price guaranteed for two years

190 Channels + NFL Redzone



Price guaranteed for two years.

Over 240 channels



Price guaranteed for two years

Over 290 channels

Get all the channels you want for a price that’s right. Call today to order DISH 530-241-3474

FREE Premium entertainment for 3 months

FREE installation by our dedicated professionals

Unique features of DISH

There’s a reason we say that DISH is superior to all other options for home entertainment. You get features that go beyond the usual – and for a great price!

  • 10,000 programs and movies
  • 4k-ultra HD TV
  • Access to NFL Redzone
  • Access to Pac-12

Call us to find the best entertainment package for you and your family.

Features of the new Hopper 3

Take a leap into the future with the Hopper 3 – a new DVR with features straight from the industry cutting edge. Sixteen tuners. A quad-core processor 7 times faster than the next best DVR. Easy navigation, and all of the apps you could want.

The Hopper 3 is here, and it’s changing how you watch TV.

Watch and Record 16 Programs at Once

Any channel you want, at any time, from any room in the house. No more battles over what to watch on your TV!

Download apps to gain more features

Customize your TV watching experience with your favorite apps, including Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, and more.

Streamlined navigation

Find the titles you want quickly, and search across Netflix, On Demand, recorded programs, and your channel lineup with just a single search.

Always know where your remote is

With a touch of a button on your Hopper, you can make your remote beep – instantly alerting you to its location. You’ll never face the problem of the missing remote again!

About B&T Satellite

Quick and Reliable Service

We’re the local guys, and it is our mission to provide you with the broad product offering of major satellite TV and internet providers, but with the tangible service and support of your neighborhood store. Serving Chico, Redding, Sacramento, Yreka, Medford, and the surrounding Northern California communities, we offer TV solutions for homes, businesses, and RVs, as well as rural internet packages and a host of other services.

We understand how much of a headache it can be to get the honest and transparent consultation that you need to find the right TV and internet solutions for you and your family, not the 800 Number. As a family man myself, I understand the importance of spending more time with my kids, and less time trying to cut through the clutter of evaluating, purchasing, and installing our TV and internet solutions.

It’s no secret that purchasing satellite TV and internet has a reputation of being a convoluted process that consists solely of sitting on hold and fighting to get any sort of assistance; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At B&T Satellite, we do business a bit differently. You will never find yourself amidst a pushy sales pitch or trying to decipher the fine print. Instead, you’ll find yourself with simple and easy-to-understand information regarding available TV and internet packages. Our team is dedicated, honest and straightforward. We are professionals eager to help you find the right solutions for you and your family. We promise to treat you and your family as if you were Tooleys yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the B&T Family.”

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DISH Hopper is Reinventing Home Entertainment

The Hopper is the only DVR that will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite shows from a TV, tablet, or computer. Get the same great experience, anywhere you go – Only with the Hopper 3.
B&t Satellite, Redding, CA

DISH Gives Free HD For Life

Purchase any package with over 190 channels and get free HD – for life!

What our customers are saying about B&T Satellite

Best experience ever with a satellite television service provider. My installer was professional and courteous. He didn’t leave any mess, explained how to use my new equipment and made sure I had the number to call if any future problems came up. Definitely recommending using this local business for your Dish network needs. Don’t call the 800#, call 241-3474 direct to get a good deal too! Additionally, they helped me get vacation ready with a receiver that I can take in our RV or use at our cabin in Lake Alamanor.

Marie M. Redding, CA

Excellent customer service, excellent deal! I called in the morning and was watching my Dish cable that very same evening. I highly recommend the local guy!!

Denise A. Redding, CA

What a great place to call when you need quick service and TV hooked up asap! Nothing like calling the 800 number and sitting on hold and having to wait for a technician all day! Doug and his team get right back to you., quickly set it up and are ready to answer questions. Not a doubt in my mind, a call worthwhile. I wont use anyone else!

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